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Episode 1: Feminists in a Strange Land


We discuss how American women abroad can better mobilize and support our political priorities while living outside the US. Our guests include Christa Bosch, chair of the Legislative Committee of DAUKWC and Sarah Murphy of the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign. Katrin Gilbert composed the theme music.


Episode 2: The Elections Process


In the first of what is sure to be many episodes about the role of women in elections, we look at elections near (the recent elections in Northern Ireland) and far (the DNC chair and the role of the DAUK Women's Caucus) and how women's issues fit into both of these.


Episode 3: The FAMILY Act


In this (not so special) episode, we discuss Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's proposed FAMILY Act: how it would support working families, how it compares to the experience of the DAUK WC members in the UK and how everyone can support the bill.  Also featuring a new segment explaining UK politics by reporter Casey Calista.


Episode 4: Put yourself out there, take the risk!


In this episode, we speak to several women about elected office and how more women can get involved running for local politics.


Episode 5: Snap Reactions


In this episode, we find out how to react to sudden developments. We interview Rita from Sister District, Joyce from the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada and our UK politics reporter Casey tells us a bit about the UK snap election - and what we can learn about fighting Donald Trump.


Episode 6: Women in Health Care


In a particularly topical podcast, we look at the gender aspects of healthcare from several perspectives. We discuss healthcare as a human right with Democrats Abroad New Zealand and we ask the National Network of Abortion Funds about the need for economic and gender equality in reproductive healthcare.


Episode 7: Meanwhile, in the UK..  


This week, we look to the UK for advice on feminist organising.  We speak to RegisterHer to Vote (@RegistHERtoVote) about why it’s so essential that we as progressives register women to vote and Abortion Rights Scotland (@Abortion_RCScot) remind us to always move forward regarding reproductive rights.  Plus, Casey Calista looks back to the American Revolution for some lessons in democracy.



Episode 8: Christianity Needs Women's Voices



In the first episode from our miniseries of Feminism and Faith, we discuss Dr Una Kroll, a trailblazer for female doctors and women in Christianity. Her daughter Liz tells us how Una reconciled her faith and her feminism and why women's voices are so essential in religious groups.