July 2017 Monthly Meeting – Notes

Healthcare Highlight: Elizabeth Crocker delivered an important presentation on the current state of the healthcare battle.

Key elements:

  • The ACA is an imperfect bill that needs to be FIXED, NOT sabotaged
  • State of Play: Collins and Paul are opposing the bill for different reasons
  • Only 462 days to go until 2018 MIDTERMS
  • With your calls/open letters: push for REVISION, NOT REPEAL that causes market destabilization
  • Get the latest updates on ALL Healthcare Reform issues from:

Going Back and Connecting With Grassroots Activism with Carol Moore

  • 6,000 Indivisible groups nationwide now!
  • Focus not limited to swing states, but swing DISTRICTS within red/blue states

Committee Updates:

  • Legislative: This month’s scripts are focused on the continuing battle over #HealthcareForAll. Please share and engage with us with our #ActivistHappyHour hashtag. Get in touch at: legistlative@womenscaucus.co.uk

  • Events: The DAUK Annual Picnic was a great success! Our next event is Women in Politics & Technology in early October and we’re organizing a Book Club — stay tuned. Want to get involved? Email us: events@womenscaucus.co.uk

  • Recruiting: We’re looking to expand our membership from outside of London: if you live outside the Greater London area, help us get this underway. Email us at: recruitment@womenscaucus.co.uk

  • Media & Comms (meetings on 4th Monday of each month):
    Website: We are seeking more photos, stay tuned for a fresh layout.
    Newsletter: Deadline to submit info/content is the 3rd Friday of each month.
    Calendar: Have a Democrats or progressive women-relevant event you’d like us to help promote? Email us: comms@womenscaucus.co.uk
    Social media: We’re always looking for people to take over our social media accounts for a week! Email comms@womenscaucus.co.uk for more info.

  • Education: Our next teach in is entitled Feminism 101: Back to the Basics; it will be held during the September 18 General Meeting.  Email education@womenscaucus.co.uk to join an upcoming meeting.

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