Getting Involved with Grassroots Activism “At Home”

In 2012 I retired in London and told my British husband that I wanted to spend the two months of September and October at our new Florida apartment to work on the Obama campaign.  After 35 years in the UK,  I went to West Palm Beach, walked in the Obama campaign office and signed on.  It was a great experience meeting many local Democrats and promoting not just President Obama but also a friend, Lois Frankel, running for the House seat and other local candidates.  Palm Beach County has a plurality of registered Democrats and so the Democratic candidates swept the races.

Having had a taste of the importance of activism, I’ve continued to do part-time volunteering, in ’13 on outreach for the Affordable Care Act, in ’14 for the Governor’s race, and in ’16 as a Democratic party precinct leader.  Election night ’16 was as dreadful there as it was for Democrats around the country and across the world but returning in January was inspiring on several fronts:   the county Democratic Party organized immediately to rally members and voters to oppose the Trump agenda, thousands of Florida women had gone to the DC March, there were events supporting Planned Parenthood and several former Republicans were starting an Indivisible chapter.  I joined them all and marched on Trump’s first weekend at Mar-a-Lago, protesting the assault on the full range of human rights issues with 3,000 others from all the activist groups.

There are now over 6,000 Indivisible groups inspired by their guide, “Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda”, available at Like the Women’s March local chapters (, these groups are bringing in voters new to activism animated by key issues such as health care, immigration, racial justice, environmental protection, income inequality, etc.  They work together on events to inform voters and connect with politicians whether in town halls or community events.   And many are coming forward to run for local, state and federal seats!  The real win will be Democratic electoral victories in November ’18 to take back Congress and state legislatures.

Our members can find local events on websites and Facebook pages to join.  Members can also donate time when in town, spread the word on activism and donate money to support this work. Remember there are only (about) 465 days left until November 8th, 2018!

Guest Post by Carol Moore, Women’s Caucus Co-Chair.

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