Courage, strength and leadership – Take our Black Women in the US quiz

Struggle is a never ending process. Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation. – Coretta Scott King

How much do you know about the achievements of black women throughout our history?

At February’s DAUK Women’s Caucus meeting, Black Caucus members Adrienne Johnson and Patricia Hamzahee showed us that as we organize against misogynistic, racist and homophobic policies, we must remember that for black women, this is not a new fight.

US Black History Month gives us a chance learn from black women’s struggles, and take inspiration for our own. It’s not only an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of African Americans that have been written out of the history books. But it is also a reminder that many black women were not just the first African Americans to open doors, but often the first women to open those same doors, or the first LGBT Americans to open those doors, too.

“We all rise together” – with that message Johnson and Hamzahee reminded us of the debt we owe to so many women of colour for making the way easier for us, no matter who we are. They introduced us to women who found strength in different aspects of their identity. Yet many remain hidden figures of history.

But we want to change that, so we’ve put together a quiz made up of just a few amazing black women who have opened doors, broken boundaries and smashed glass ceilings.

Take the Courage, strength and leadership: Black Women in the US quiz

Want to know about these amazing women? Read Adrienne Johnson and Patricia Hamzahee’s presentation for US Black History month

Read Patricia Hamzahee’s blog Too Many Hidden Figures: Why Black History must be taught everyday, not one month a year

Four black women came together and created this database of Black Women in Politics — check it out and be inspired.

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