April 2018 Chairs’ letter

Hi everyone,

We want to start this month with a massive THANK YOU!  

Whether you are active in a committee, attend our monthly meetings, or skim our newsletter, we are truly grateful for your contributions and participation.  Every day we are inspired by the fantastic work you are doing.

At our March meeting, we learned about some phenomenal women – in “herstory” and today – that have been true fighters in the path to justice.  These breakthrough women, inspired us to launch our vibrant #ActionChallenge. Each month we will provide a list of ways we can all volunteer to and take action!  The best part of it is that it can take at the least 5 minutes and if you want to make a bigger impact, #ActionChallenge — focused on our monthly activism theme — invites you to engage at your pace. Each challenge also has further resources embedded for deeper learning. Share far and wide: hashtag #ActionChallenge and tag us @DAUKWomensCaucus.  Every action together, we become a mighty force.

We also want to thank everyone for coming out to March For Our Lives.  There were over 1000 people at the London march, and it was thrilling that the Women’s Caucus played an active and visible part.

The Caucus is marching right on through this election year. There are only seven months until the Midterms, and we will not skip a beat.  Our monthly theme for April is “The Earth and Our Environment”. At our next meeting on April 18 we will feature the EPA and current legislation, not to be missed.  Throughout the month, we’re also hosting what is sure to be a lively climate change discussion, a political postcard writing party, and a Big Dig volunteer social. If environmental issues are your passion, please get in touch and get involved! We’d love to hear from you and can’t wait to see you!


Lan and Kate

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