May Letter from the Chairs

The Women’s Caucus is three things.  First, we are students of politics, every month our themes drive us to educate ourselves more about the world around us.  Second, we are action-focused and action-driven; we take what we have learned to create concrete steps to affect change in U.S. politics.  And finally, we are a community for American women living abroad. 

Our April meeting was a powerhouse cocktail of all of the above. 


We learned about the origins of the environmental movement, focusing on pivotal changemakers such as Rachel Carson and Dolores Huerta.  We learned about how environmental legislation is developed in the U.S., and the legislation of Trump’s era. Not all is doom and gloom, as we finished the presentation with uplifting facts and figures of the growing alternative energy industries. 


Second, we act.  As we will do every month going forward, we’ve taken what we’ve learned about our theme, and created a list of #tinyactions

And finally, our community! April was full of great social events. We got together at Laura’s house for pasta-eating and post-card writing.  One Saturday, our events committee learned some gardening tricks at the Big Dig. Later in the month, a few of us had the privilege of meeting Tom Perez and Democrats Abroad International Chair Julia Bryan.   

We are looking forward to more Women’s  Caucus learning, action, and community in May! We will be spotlighting women running for office, getting trained up on voter registration, having a phone-banking social, and much more!

To get involved in our conversations, join our Slack channel here. 


Lan and Kate


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