Trump protest

On July 13th 2018  – Come together and #BringTheNoise

Donald Trump visits the UK on July 13th. His presidency has been characterised by the spreading of fear, hate and conflict worldwide.

These are not our values.

  • The #BringTheNoise protest is announced for July 13th by the Women’s March on London
  • The ‘Casserole Protest’ will see thousands of people loudly take to the streets of London
  • Rainbow colours will be seen throughout the march celebrating the diversity of the capital
  • Marchers are encouraged to sign up to attend the march on Facebook 

A day of celebration, noise and action.  A day of joy, love, solidarity and resistance as we stand together in celebration of the diverse communities which make up our great city.

Women’s March London invite you to #BringTheNoise as we broadcast to the world that we stand together for Justice, Equality and Peace. Bring pots and pans; bring drums; bring musical instruments; bring your voices. We’re taking pots and pans from the domestic space of home into the public space of politics – their purpose transformed for participation, engagement and joyful noise as we bring Cacerolazo – ‘Casserole protest’ – to the heart of the city.

If you would like to volunteer on the day please get in touch via email at

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