Chair’s Corner: July 2018

Women are being used as pawns in a deadly political game, where our healthcare is being manipulated, our rights eroded, and our lives in jeopardy. Mirroring the international gag rule, the Domestic Gag Rule, imposed by the current administration, prohibits Title X funding for any healthcare provider who refers patients to safe, legal abortions. It also prevents patients from Planned Parenthood health centers, leaving many with no other options for birth control, cancer screenings, wellness exams, and other crucial preventive care. Due to systemic inequities, women of color are at even greater risk.

Preventing access to birth control, while simultaneously diminishing SNAP and blocking image3the right to an abortion means women are forced to have children when they do not want or are not in the position to care for them. This further subjugates women by preventing achievement, reinforcing the pay gap, entrapping them in the cycle of poverty, and ensnaring some in abusive relationships.

But we are not hopeless, and we are not helpless. 580 elected officials and 110 organizations have issued open letters to the White House against the Domestic Gag Rule. Check out the Planned Parenthood Letter Signing tool, where you can send an official comment to the  Department of Health and Human Services, objecting to the implementation of this policy. Write to your local official. Call your reps. (Don’t forget- calls are counted!) Visit Tracking Trump to learn about the attack on women’s healthcare, those carrying out the attack, and the impact on our health. And finally, where you can, donate to organizations like Planned Parenthood who use the money to focus on women and our right to live.

In solidarity,

Kate and Lan


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