October Letter from a few of us

At our last meeting we did a great exercise where we got to the nitty gritty of why we are Democrats. We invite you to look over at the exercise and video so that you can do it at home! This is a great one to do as we are nearing the midterms!

This year has been incredibly empowering for all women. This only proves that with courage and support anyone is able to have a voice and face great fears. Because that’s what both the #Metoo movement and sexual harassment cases (Crosby and Kavanaugh to name a few) are all about, facing our fears.

With that, October’s theme is about Women and Violence, such a strong and sensitive topic we encourage you to come and learn more about who we can continue supporting, empowering and encouraging each other. These last few weeks have been exhausting for the strongest of us.  As Judge Kavanaugh proceeds through this sham of a confirmation, Republican senators show us yet again, how frail their morals are in the face of partisanship. Until the very last second, we must flood their inboxes, their voice message boxes, and their front lawns. We will not keep calling and marching.  Even as the GOP refuses to listen, America will.

Join us this October 17th, together our voices are louder.

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