It’s still our ERA!

by Carol Moore

Last month, Virginia came close to becoming the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which would guarantee gender equality under the law. Disappointingly (if unsurprisingly), four Republican legislators stopped a bill, approved in Virginia’s State Senate, from passing out of committee to a vote on the House floor.  

In addition, bills have been introduced in 11 of the 13 state legislatures that have not yet ratified the ERA.

Many are Republican-dominated, so it will be an uphill battle. However, many Republican legislators support the ERA, raising hopes for passage which the League of Women Voters and other state organizations are working hard for.  This is a great opportunity to learn about the history of the Equal Rights Amendment and individual state information that way you can also help create awareness and concern in order to help it get ratified! Visit the Democrats Abroad ERA Wiki page here.  

The effort continues, mobilizing voters for state legislative elections this November when Democrats hope to take control of the State House.   

Shari Temple, project leader for the DA ERA Project, now has a team of WC members from many of the 13 states who have yet to ratify the ERA, and we are tracking ERA legislative action in most of these states.

The DA ERA Project team is also offering DA members free access to the 30-minute video, “Legalize Equality,” through the end of 2019!  For an overview of the ERA and information on how to access the video, click here.  

You are welcome to share the link with other DA members, but please do not post the video link and password on the internet in any way, since this free access is limited to DA  members. If you would like more information on what is happening with the ERA in your state, feel free to contact me at

Carol Moore is also a Member of Democrats Abroad Global Women’s Caucus Steering Committee and on the ERA Project Team, tracking Florida

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