Our WC Members Activism Back at Home

WC Leader Sylvia Squire is in the states doing an amazing difference back home. She shared with us as she’d love for you to read what she’s up to! If you are back home and being democratically active let us know as well at comms@womenscaucus.co.uk.

“I brought a little bit of DAUK’s Women’s Caucus to Charlotte, North Carolina. I gave a couple of minutes talk last evening at the Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County’s monthly meeting, introducing the guests to Democrats Abroad and “Who we Are!”

“The panel of speakers were two District Court Judges, the local Assistant District Attorney, and a ‘mover & shaker’ with Mecklenburg Council of Elders.  Subject of their presentation and discussion was “Justice Reform.”

Being back home and continuing my efforts to spread the word, passion and ideas for a better democracy makes me very happy. Not only am I enjoying time with my family and friends, I am also enjoying serving in such a way where I can inspire others to become involved.

Sylvia Wallach Squire.

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