Calling All Volunteers! DAUK Independence Day Picnic 2019

The Women’s Caucus is extremely excited to be part of the DAUK Independence day picnic on Sunday June 30th. To continue on the success of last year, we would like to have a table with Rose the Riveter photo booth and activist bingo cards.  


  1. Women’s Caucus Bingo
    1. This was very successful last year so we’re bringing it back! Your job will be to hand out bingo cards as newcomers arrive to the picnic. Once a picnic gooer has completed 5 squares in a row, they must come to our table and prove that they’ve completed the row. Once they’ve proved that, they can draw from a container to win a prize!
  2. Recruitment Table
    1. We will have a table at the picnic with all of our recruitment literature, sign up sheet, and various activities for picnic goers to complete. Your job will be to talk to visitors and try to get them involved in the Women’s Caucus.
  3. Rosie the Riviter Photo Booth
    1. We have a jean jacket, red bandana, and an Instagram cardboard cutout for those who want to come back our table and take a Rosie the Riviter photo. Your job will be to help visitors setup an Instagram worthy shot! You should

To make this happen we need help from you! We are looking for people for the following shifts.

10:30am-12:00pmSet up
12:00pm-1:30pmRecruitment table
1:30pm-3:00pmRecruitment table
3:00pm-4:30pmRecruitment table
4:30pm-6:00pmRecruitment table/breakdown

Please sign up here or email if you are interested in helping next to the slot you can help, don’t worry if there’s already a WC Member signed up to it.

Join the Picnic Watercooler Group on Slack for updates, idea sharing and more.

To get your tickets to the event, please visit the DAUK Independence Day picnic HERE!

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