Chairs’ Corner: Loud and Proud

The past month has dealt some serious blows to women’s and LGBTQ+ rights, but that hasn’t stopped the Women’s Caucus from fighting back — loud and proud.

As so-called heartbeat bills were pushed through several state legislatures and signed into law in Missouri, Alabama and Georgia, many of our members gathered in support of abortion rights at the launch of Planned Parenthood’s Global Action Network in London. And this month, following the rollback of even more ACA protections of women and transgender Americans, we’re prepared to continue the fight for social and reproductive justice for everyone — all as we start turning up the heat on our preparations for 2020.

There are lots of great ways to get informed and involved this month, including a talk by Prof. Jennifer Merchant on the criminalization of women’s bodies (organized by our friends Global Women’s Caucus), preparation for the Pride parade with the LGBTQ+ Caucus, and a DAUK Film Committee screening of a documentary on voter suppression. At the end of the month, don’t miss us the DAUK Independence Day Picnic where we’ll have a booth with fun games, prizes, and opportunities to take action (all accompanied by some lively discussion on the Democratic candidates for 2020, natch.)

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy our latest newsletter featuring some insightful contributions from our members. Also, be sure to check out our snaps from recent events in our gallery, including Carol Moore’s latest “Activists Who Lunch” gathering — definitely the hottest lunch ticket in town!

In closing, thanks to all of you for fighting the good fight with us. Looking forward to a fun- and activism-filled summer together!

Meghan, Steph & Eva

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