Chair’s Corner – August 2019

As some of you may know, I am from El Paso and still in shock from the recent events. When my boyfriend told me that there was a shooting there and to call my family right away, I hesitated. A shooting? In El Paso? Texas? Really? What?!

Thankfully none of my family, relatives, and friends were affected, but it has wounded our city in a way that the epidemics of gun violence and racism have wounded too many other cities. El Paso residents are now afraid to go normally in their lives, adding to the fear that we and many other immigrant communities throughout the country have felt since President Trump took office: the fear of being taken away and separated from family, of not being able to live in safety and peace; of being robbed not only of the promise of the American dream, but the very principles of equality and tolerance that it’s based upon. 

Growing up in El Paso, I never experienced any hatred, racism or discrimination. Now, it feels like it is becoming the new normal in our country. We cannot let this happen. These are the times were all of us are wondering what else to do besides voting.

We need to share love, peace, and humanity to all of those around us, including those that we disagree with politically, report hateful comments on social media, write to representatives even if they are republican, donate to those that are active in making a difference/change. 

Feed the love, not the hate

This month we are also doing: we are taking activism by our hands at our August Summer Social, where we will write postcards supporting common-sense gun legislation as well as the Virginia State House elections in November, which could hold the key to passing the Equal Rights Amendment. We’re also planning to discuss ideas for continuing our activism in 2020, all while meeting other members over pizza. All fellow Americans are welcome, so grab a friend and please join us for an evening of fun, food and activism.

Remember to save the date and RSVP to our upcoming events in September as we focus on healthcare and reproductive issues! We have the incredible opportunity to host a live Planned Parenthood Webinar with the Global Women’s Caucus, volunteer to Lend a Hand at a community center, and other great events from our foe DAUK committees and caucuses. Last but not least sharpen your humanitarian side with Laura’s new monthly article, read about how our members show their form of activism (and share yours), and our fabulous member spotlight.

In closing, these continue to be trying times for our country, but to quote the great Toni Morrison, who passed earlier this month, “I get angry about things, then go on and work.”

Getting angry and working together, we can and will make a difference.

Thank you all for being part of the love and activism with us.

Hope to see you!

Eva Rangel, vice-chair,

With Meghan Feeks and Steph Ryde, Co-Chairs

If you would like to donate to the El Paso vitims please visit this page:

Cover photo credit: TIME’s new cover: “We are being eaten from within.” Why America is losing the battle against white nationalist terrorism

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