Chairs’ Corner: An activist to-do list for working women

Dear Members,

As we turn our focus to “Women and the Economy” this month, we recognize the contributions and achievements of all working women: not just women working in the paid labor force, but also women doing unpaid work that plays a vital, if undervalued, role in our economy.

We also recognize the challenges facing working women and commit to doing our part to address them. Following are 4 things you can do this month to support working women, whether their workplace is the home or the C-suite:

  1. Attend our October 16 meeting on Women and the Economy. Led by WC members Jihann Pedersen and Wen-Wen Lindroth, this event will explore the benefits of women’s full participation in the economy. Guest speaker Mitesh Sheth will discuss his successful strategy for closing the gender pay gap at his investment firm, highlighting the importance of diversity, inclusivity and sustainable work culture. We’ll close the meeting with an overview of setbacks to working women under the Trump administration and what we can do to fight back. RSVP now for this can’t-miss event!
  2. Join the “Activists Who Lunch.” Back by popular demand, our next “Activists Who Lunch” meeting will be held October 25 in central London. These lunch-hour meetings bring our members together to discuss politics, current events and activist activities in an informal setting. The brainchild of WC founder Carol Moore, these daytime gatherings are intended to make the WC more inclusive of moms and other members who may be unable to make our evening events. To RSVP for our next lunch on October 25, please send an email to
  3. Support the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). The erosion of protections for working women under the Trump administration has underlined the importance of the ERA, which would write gender equality into the Constitution. If Dems manage to flip just one seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates in the November 5 state elections, Virginia could become the 38th state to ratify the ERA, paving the way for the amendment to become law. Having written hundreds of postcards to Virginia voters in partnership with our Global Women’s Caucus colleagues and VAratifyERA, now is the time to start making calls and sending texts. To join VAratifyERA’s phone banking and texting campaign, click here. To learn more about the ERA and why it matters, watch this fun and informative clip from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
  4. Support the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. Earlier this week, Elizabeth Warren was in the news because a conservative publication “proved” her story about being fired for getting pregnant while she was a teacher was untrue — because the school didn’t write, “Fired for getting pregnant” in its records. But as we all know, this is exactly how pregnancy discrimination works. Call on your representative to co-sponsor H.R. 2694, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, and help put an end to discrimination against pregnant workers.

On behalf of the DAUK Women’s Caucus, thanks for helping us do the hard work of democracy, on top of your regular work, wherever your place of work may be. Hope you’re all having a great fall and we look forward to seeing you at an event in the very near future!

Best wishes,

Meghan, Steph and Eva   

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