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Chairs’ Corner: In with the blue

It’s finally 2020 — the year we’ve all been waiting for. With the holidays behind us, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and do everything we can to make sure the new year is a blue year. The festive period brought all too… Continue Reading “Chairs’ Corner: In with the blue”

Chairs’ Corner: This is what democracy looks like

What a year it’s been for the Women’s Caucus!  It started with us channeling Rosie the Riveter at the Women’s March, saying “we can do it” to passing the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Then, we wrote thousands of postcards together with the Global Womens’… Continue Reading “Chairs’ Corner: This is what democracy looks like”

Top 5 tips for being a good disability ally

By Steph Ryde As allies, non-disabled individuals can use their privilege to amplify disabled people’s voices and activism. Becoming an ally can seem daunting and many people shy away from it as they are afraid of making a mistake. In truth, we all make mistakes… Continue Reading “Top 5 tips for being a good disability ally”

Making the vote more accessible

By Steph Ryde The right to vote has always been something that I have taken for granted. As a non-disabled, white, cis woman I have never had an issue requesting or casting my ballot.  So I admit that I was shocked and surprised as… Continue Reading “Making the vote more accessible”