Education Committee

The aim of the Education Committee is to support the DAUK WC by educating our membership and the DAUK membership overall.  The group uses a variety of mediums including literature, podcasts and teach-ins.  We regularly work with and support other members of other WC committees and may look to partner with external organisations for teach-ins.

Get Involved

IMG-9129We meet every few months on week day evenings at homes in Central London.  To join the group please email

Committee Chairs

Jenn Harris is from California and has a background in project management.  She is on the Education Committee because she believes women’s education will bring more global prosperity.

FRANCINE 3Francine Bosco is from Texas but votes in New Jersey and has a background in journalism; she currently works as an editor.  She is on the Education Committee as she wants to combat misinformation and lack of information about feminism and its importance and relevance in American women’s lives.