What we stand for

The Women’s Caucus envisions a world where government and society guarantee gender equality, and where women determine who they are, where they stand, and who they become. Our mission is to advance gender equality and related Democratic causes through education, activism and community outreach. At the same time we seek to create a safe and supportive space for our members to discuss issues, share experiences and cultivate friendships, skills and networks.

Fundamentally we believe none of us is free until all of us are free. As such, all of our activities and decisions are guided by the following values.


The Women’s Caucus spans generations and lived experiences. We recognize that our identities as women intersect in complex and meaningful ways with class, race, age, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity and the many other social groupings to which we belong. We seek to learn from each other’s diverse backgrounds, experiences, abilities and opinions, and to advance feminist causes that elevate all women.


We strive to give all members the opportunity to participate in our activities, contribute to our discussions and bring their many different talents, skills and passions to the table. To this end, the Women’s Caucus is committed to fostering a safe, supportive, friendly and inclusive environment, while offering a diverse range of programming that is accessible to all members.


The Women’s Caucus believes that actions speak louder than words, and that democracy is not a spectator sport. To this end, we are committed to taking actions, big and small, on a variety of issues affecting women, ranging from healthcare and reproductive rights, to the economy and the environment, to immigration and racial justice, to LGBTQ+ rights and domestic violence. We are also committed to supporting wider DA efforts to get out the vote and promote nominated Democratic candidates running in key races, with a special focus on women and women’s issues.


The Women’s Caucus believes that information and skills are an activist’s greatest weapon. To this end, we aim to offer a wide range of educational activities and tools, while keeping members informed on issues, policies and current events through our newsletter, website, Slack and social media channels.

Respect & accountability

The Women’s Caucus is not only an advocacy group, but also a space where women come together to find support, share experiences and discuss important issues. To preserve the safe, supportive, friendly and inclusive environment that our members hold dear, the Women’s Caucus strives to maintain the highest standards of respect, fairness, transparency and accountability in all our activities, discussions and communications.

Empowerment & growth

The Women’s Caucus believes that behind every strong woman is a whole tribe of other strong women who have her back. We therefore aim to empower our members and help each other grow. Members are always encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas, and if they would like to act on them with the support of the Women’s Caucus, we’ll do our best to help make it happen. We also recognize the Women’s Caucus provides a unique opportunity to develop personal and professional skills, which we seek to promote in a positive manner. This involves recognizing members’ contributions, giving praise where it’s due, and giving and receiving constructive feedback with grace.

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