May Letter from the Chairs

The Women’s Caucus is three things.  First, we are students of politics, every month our themes drive us to educate ourselves more about the world around us.  Second, we are action-focused and action-driven; we take what we have learned to create concrete steps to affect change in U.S. politics.  And finally, we are a community for American women living abroad. 

Our April meeting was a powerhouse cocktail of all of the above.  Read More

She should run: Nominate your favourite woman in the Democratic wave

For this month’s member engagement drive, we’d like to know about a stellar Democratic woman you think should run for office – and why. Alternatively, tell us about a Democratic woman you’re voting for in the primaries – and why.

We’re not looking for the usual suspects here, so get creative! Please include the woman’s name, a photo, and no more than two paragraphs about why She Should Run for office.

All submissions will be reviewed by the Media and Communications Committee and the best submission will be featured in the June newsletter, with other submissions featured on Facebook and Twitter! The winning submission will receive a free copy of the June Women’s Caucus Book Club selection.

Submissions must be received on later than Friday 25 May!

Send yours to

Is ‘green’ the whitest color?

by Meghan Feeks

When you think of ‘environmentalism’, what types of images come to mind?

Are you thinking about leafy trees, open fields, blue skies and clear, babbling streams? I know I am. After all, such images have adorned every Earth Day poster I’ve seen since I was a kid. Google image search ‘environment’ or ‘Earth Day’, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into an enchanted, fairytale forest. Read More

Women in the Democratic Wave: Nebraskan Jane Raybould for U.S. Senate

by Meghan Feeks

Nebraska is a traditionally conservative state that values hard work, independence, robust trade and a balanced budget.

Which is exactly why many Nebraskans have had it not just with Trump — who won 60% of the state in 2016 — but with the whole GOP establishment. Read More

4 things to know about women and the environment

by Anna Claire Croghan, Alyssa Blachez and Kate Van Dermark. Image taken at the DAUK Women’s Caucus volunteer event, The Big Dig on April 21st at the Regent’s Park allotment gardens.

“The changing climate further increases disparities as its impacts hit vulnerable populations the hardest. Among those at the frontlines of climate impacts are the bodies, lives and livelihoods of women around the world, particularly rural and indigenous women.”

– Maria Alejandra Rodriguez Acha, Young Feminist Fellow at the Women’s Environment & Development Organization

1. Women are disproportionately affected by climate change. Read More

11 ways U.S. expats can help rock the midterms

By Meghan Feeks

It ain’t easy being “blue” these days, but things are definitely looking up. Special and state elections have brought Democrats to power in key states, and the latest polls have Democrats holding a double-digit lead over Republicans for the 2018 midterms. Read More