June Postcard social highlight

Laura hosted another successful Postcard Pasta Social! This time she cooked some fantastic carbonara.

They wrote to our representatives to denounce the barbaric practice of family separation at the border. They are having another fun night to write more postcards and eat more pasta! Don’t miss it! 


Click here to RSVP for the next social on the Wednesday, 29th of August!


DA Spain Leads International Mobilization against Trump’s Immigration Policy

Milan, 9 June 2018

On 26 May, news broke out of the US on the Trump Administration’s unprecedented “zero tolerance” policy, inhumanely detaining and separating immigrant children from their parents at the US border, sparking a wave of protests in at least 30 cities across the North American continent.

International protests and petitions quickly followed suit. Groups in London, Spain, Denmark, France, Switzerland, and Germany took swift action in solidarity with this movement. Spain was home to the first protests with overseas American citizens, holding demonstrations on 27 May and 1 June in Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona. London’s protest at the US Embassy occurred in solidarity with the Families Belong Together sister marches in the states on June 30th. Read More

Chair’s Letter – June 2018 Edition

Women are being used as pawns in a deadly political game, where our healthcare is being manipulated, our rights eroded, and our lives in jeopardy. Mirroring the international gag rule, the Domestic Gag Rule, imposed by the current administration, prohibits Title X funding for any healthcare provider who refers patients to safe, legal abortions. It also prevents patients from Planned Parenthood health centers, leaving many with no other options for birth control, cancer screenings, wellness exams, and other crucial preventive care. Due to systemic inequities, women of color are at even greater risk. Read More

Being an LGBTQ+ ally starts with the choices we make every day

In a brightly lit classroom, we sat in groups of four clutching handwritten index cards in our hands. Having learned a few basic things about our partners — their names, where they were from and their favorite color, for example — we were asked to introduce them to the group, using the unusual grammatical rules printed on our cards.

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Women Who Run: Katie Hogan, Organizing for Action

By Meghan Feeks

Women are running for office in record numbers this year, but campaigns aren’t the only things they’re running. Fueled by outrage with the Trump Administration and passion for progressive issues, women are also leading grassroots efforts around the country (and world!) to mobilize voters, organize communities and advocate for causes they care about.

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Because of Her

This month’s theme is close to the heart of our Co-Chair, Kate Van Dermark. Let her tell you why. Read More

Chairs’ Corner: June 2018

This month Women’s Caucus celebrates Pride with the LGBTQ+ community.

Pride month is a celebration of the resilience and dynamism of the LGBTQ+ community. It marks the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, when in 1969 police raided the Stonewall Inn in New York, and the LGBTQ+ community rose up. Fighting against a lifetime of oppression, they fought for their lives, liberty, and equality. There is perhaps nothing more brave or American.

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She Should Run: Winner of May’s Member Spotlight

Last month, we asked DAUK Women’s Caucus members to tell us about their favorite woman who is (or should be!) running for office in the United States. This month’s winning submission is… Read More

June Member Spotlight: Who’s YOUR Favorite LGBTQ+ Activist and Why?

June is National Pride Month and we’re asking all of our members to share their thoughts about an LGBTQ+ Activist that inspires them. This person can be someone who identifies as LGBTQ+ or someone who is an important ally for LGBTQ+ causes.

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Stacey vs. Stacey: The GA Gubernatorial Primaries

Women’s Caucus member Alyssa Blachez gives us a detailed look at the Georgia Democratic Gubernatorial primaries featuring the two Staceys: Abrams and Evans. Now that Stacey Abrams has won the primary, this presentation can be used as a resource to learn more about why you should support her candidacy and vote Democratic in Georgia in November 2018!

Georgia Gubernatorial Primary: A close look at the two Staceys

When women win elections, women win

By Meghan Feeks

The past month has been huge for Democratic women. Primaries in 20 states and a runoff in Texas have advanced women to the general election throughout the country, bringing the total number of female Democratic nominees for Senate, House and governor to 106 as of June 13 (Republicans have nominated another 27).

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LGTBQ+ Pride Series: Jason Jones Reception

On March 24, the LGBTQ+ Caucus launched its first Pride Month Series, a sequence of events marking the anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising and celebrating Pride, with a reception hosting Jason Jones, an inspiring LGBTQ activist from Trinidad and Tobago. Jones recently won an historic court case against his national government to overturn two colonial-era anti-LGBTQ laws that have been used for centuries to oppress the LGBTQ community.

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Stay Woke: Past Teach-In Resources

It’s hard to believe it’s been over two years since we first started the Women’s Caucus and who knew all the things we’d learn from each other? This post provides links to our past teach-in presentations in all their glory. Do you have a teach-in that was your favorite? What is something you learned from a teach-in that you did not know before? Sound off in the comments!

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Is ‘green’ the whitest color?

by Meghan Feeks

When you think of ‘environmentalism’, what types of images come to mind?

Are you thinking about leafy trees, open fields, blue skies and clear, babbling streams? I know I am. After all, such images have adorned every Earth Day poster I’ve seen since I was a kid. Google image search ‘environment’ or ‘Earth Day’, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into an enchanted, fairytale forest. Read More

Women Who Run: Nebraskan Jane Raybould for U.S. Senate

by Meghan Feeks

Nebraska is a traditionally conservative state that values hard work, independence, robust trade and a balanced budget.

Which is exactly why many Nebraskans have had it not just with Trump — who won 60% of the state in 2016 — but with the whole GOP establishment. Read More

11 ways U.S. expats can help rock the midterms

By Meghan Feeks

It ain’t easy being “blue” these days, but things are definitely looking up. Special and state elections have brought Democrats to power in key states, and the latest polls have Democrats holding a double-digit lead over Republicans for the 2018 midterms. Read More