Episode 4: Put yourself out there, take the risk!

In Episode 4: Put yourself out there, take the risk we speak to several women about elected office and how more women can get involved running for local politics.

Episode 3: The FAMILY Act

In Episode 3: The FAMILY Act we discuss Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s proposed FAMILY Act: how it would support working families, how it compares to the experience of the DAUK WC members in the UK and how everyone can support the bill. Also featuring a new segment explaining UK politics by reporter Casey Calista.

Recess Reading List

Congress is on recess this week, so this week the Women’s Caucus is focusing on education instead of activism. Our Recess Reading List includes several books and articles on gender equality, groundbreaking women, and politics back home.


“My Life on the Road” – Gloria Steinem

“Feminist Fight Club” – Jessica Bennet

“Attack of the Fifty Foot Women: How Gender Equality Can Save the World” – Catherine Mayer


Why Sally Yates Stood Up to Trump – The New Yorker

For Army Infantry’s 1st Women, Heavy Packs and the Weight of History – The New York Times

Citizen Clinton – New York Magazine

Imagining a Black Wonder Woman – The Atlantic

Trump’s Proposed Budget Would Cut $2.2 Billion From Global Health Spending – NPR

Episode 2: The Elections Process

In the first of what is sure to be many episodes about the role of women in elections, Episode 2: The Elections Process looks at elections near (the recent elections in Northern Ireland) and far (the DNC chair and the role of the DAUK Women’s Caucus) and how women’s issue fit into both of these.