Amazing American Women

In honor of Independence Day last month, we asked you to tell us about American women who inspire you. You came back to us with some truly amazing ladies who’ve made their mark on everything from government and civil rights to medicine and sports. Is this your first time hearing some of these names? Don’t worry, you’re not alone — when we discussed them at our July social, many of us were shocked by how few we’d heard of before. Clearly, American “her-story” still has a long way to go. But there’s no question that the stories of our foremothers deserve to be told and celebrated, and we hope you’ll enjoy learning about these homegrown Wonder Women as much as we did!

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Chair’s Corner – July 2019

Happy Fourth of July! The weather has been lovely from the start of July which makes outdoor picnics and bbqs a perfect way to celebrate our nation’s independence. 

It is also a great time to reflect on the present state of our country and if the actions of our government are in line with our values as citizens of the United States.

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Amazing American Women Picnic

Join us at our July 2017 Social Meeting where we’ll be having a picnic at Hyde Park at 6:30 pm.

We’ll provide a few drinks and snacks; share the solidarity by also bringing more to mingle with fellow members. Remember to also bring a blanket and most importantly your favorite American Woman!

What do we mean?

July is the month where we celebrate our nation’s independence, a time to remember what our forefathers fought for, but what about our foremothers?

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Women: Missing in Action from the 4th of July Speech

By Carol Graham

Carol Graham gives an honest critique of the President’s 4th of July speech and how women, particularly women in the military and Native Women, were excluded.

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