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Financial Literacy: Tips from our members

It has been well documented that women’s financial literacy is on average lower than mens. Alongside on average making less money than men, having longer employment gaps, and traditionally feminine skills being systematically de-valued, this gap in financial literacy –understanding and education around personal… Continue Reading “Financial Literacy: Tips from our members”

What’s Your Form of Activism?

How do you start becoming politically active?  Women’s Caucus Members share their journeys and invite you to share yours!

Be a Humanitarian: Notice Your Privilege with Social GGGRRAAACCCEEESSS

Be a Humanitarian Tips by Laura Donohue No, my cat didn’t just roll around on my keyboard (although he does do that sometimes). It’s a real acronym and it’s packed with information!  Social GGGRRAAACCCEEESSS is a shorthand way to recognize the diversity and difference… Continue Reading “Be a Humanitarian: Notice Your Privilege with Social GGGRRAAACCCEEESSS”

Amazing American Women Picnic

Join us at our July 2017 Social Meeting where we’ll be having a picnic at Hyde Park at 6:30 pm. We’ll provide a few drinks and snacks; share the solidarity by also bringing more to mingle with fellow members. Remember to also bring a… Continue Reading “Amazing American Women Picnic”