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Conquering Imposter Syndrome

Be a Humanitarian Tips by Laura Donohue It’s that annoying little voice in your head again making you question yourself. It doesn’t matter if you have the right degree, you’ve done whatever it is your doing several times successfully, it just keeps coming back.… Continue Reading “Conquering Imposter Syndrome”

Member Spotlight: Sadie Kempner

We recently appointed two members to be Co-chairs of the Communications Committee for the Women’s Caucus. We chatted with one of the new Communications Co-Chairs, Sadie, about about her feminist role models, why she joined the Women’s Caucus and what she always brings back… Continue Reading “Member Spotlight: Sadie Kempner”

Why We Must Keep Talking About Sexual and Reproductive Justice in Pride Month

by Sadie Kempner  The DAUK Women’s Caucus are passionately committed to the sexual and reproductive rights under attack from the present administration. If you’ve been reading the news or screaming into the void that is social media, you’ll know how important these rights are… Continue Reading “Why We Must Keep Talking About Sexual and Reproductive Justice in Pride Month”

Dealing with Micro-aggressions

Be a Humanitarian Column:
Dealing With Micro-Aggressions