August Pasta & Postcards

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August WC Social

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July’s WC Meeting

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Legislative Committee on the Earth and her Environment – April 2018

Following our successful relaunch of the Legislative Committee, members presented at the April WC meeting on the history of environmental legislation and the EPA and current issues. Download the April 2018 meeting presentation.


At our next meeting on May 1, we’ll be brainstorming our presentation in July on women’s healthcare, considering how we can drive turnout in the midterms by highlighting women’s legislative issues, and discussing ideas for the May WC Action Challenge. If you are interested in learning more about legislation that impacts women and love a bit of research, please join us!

The Big Dig – April 2018

image from Big Dig volunteering event
Some beautiful green, red, and yellow chard we harvested and took home. From left to right: Steph, Eva, and Laura. Photo credit Francis (Laura’s fiancé).

To celebrate Earth Day, we got our hands dirty! Members and allies of the Women’s Caucus gardened with Capital Growth at Regents Park Allotment Garden.

Thanks to all who participated in The Big Dig! We decided to go to Regents Park Allotment Garden and participate in a workshop by Capital Growth, an organization that helps support London farmers. We learned about different types of crops, how to grow them, and took home the produce we harvested! We also made insect houses from fallen tree branches. Insect houses provide much needed shelter to solitary insects. It’s incredibly important to give back to the community and create and maintain green spaces.

Connect with your community’s green space by checking out the Capital Growth Gardening Map.

image from Big Dig event
Getting ready to plant some potatoes! Did you know that just one potato can produce ten or more potatoes? In 16 weeks, there’ll be approximately 500 potatoes to harvest! From left to right: Francis, Steph, Laura. Photo credit: @capital_growth

Postcard Social – April 2018

image of postcard social
Look at all of their awesome postcards! They wrote about the tax bill, the Syrian missile strike, and other important topics. From left to right: Ronda, Lan, Laura, Rebecca, Roz. Not pictured: Kate (sorry!) and Karl Marx, PhD (Laura’s cat). Photo credit: Ronda, with her excellent selfie skills.

They wrote, they talked, they ate pasta. Women’s Caucus members gathered at Laura’s flat and wrote postcards to their representatives.

Laura Donohue hosted a Postcard Social this month at her lovely flat in South London! Laura initially proposed the idea to the Events Committee who then helped her make it a reality. Not only did the group participate in a bit of political activism and banter, but they also socialised and relaxed. Self-care is extremely important in this hostile political climate. That’s why it’s so important to get together over pasta and postcards every now and then.

Activism is easier together, so why not come to the next one? Laura is hosting another Postcard Social on Saturday, June 16, starting at 5:30 p.m. Spaces are limited, so make sure to RSVP here.

Want to host your own Postcard Social? The Events Committee is looking for someone to host the next one in August. If you’re interested in hosting, please contact us at Postcards will be provided.

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