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Chairs’ Corner: Loud and Proud

The past month has dealt some serious blows to women’s and LGBTQ+ rights, but that hasn’t stopped the Women’s Caucus from fighting back — loud and proud. As so-called heartbeat bills were pushed through several state legislatures and signed into law in Missouri, Alabama and…

Why We Must Keep Talking About Sexual and Reproductive Justice in Pride Month

by Sadie Kempner  The DAUK Women’s Caucus are passionately committed to the sexual and reproductive rights under attack from the present administration. If you’ve been reading the news or screaming into the void that is social media, you’ll know how important these rights are…

Calling All Volunteers! DAUK Independence Day Picnic 2019

The Women’s Caucus is extremely excited to be part of the DAUK Independence day picnic on Sunday June 30th. To continue on the success of last year, we would like to have a table with Rose the Riveter photo booth and activist bingo cards….

Dealing with Micro-aggressions

Be a Humanitarian Column:
Dealing With Micro-Aggressions