Co-Chairs Letter February 2019

Last month in London, DNC chairman Tom Perez praised Democrats Abroad for its record midterms turnout — but stressed “our democracy is still on fire,” and called on us to continue being “first responders” in the fight for American values.

At the Women’s Caucus, we intend to heed Tom’s call to help put fires out. But we also plan to set fires, where needed — specifically, under the butts of politicians and fellow citizens as we continue fighting for the rights, equality and empowerment of all women.  

Over the past month, there has been a lot of fire-lighting going on in the WC. At the London Women’s March, we pushed for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), in solidarity with our Global Women’s Caucus sisters around the world.

Adding fuel to the ERA fire, WC superstar Laura Donohue hosted another successful Postcards & Pasta event, where our members chowed down on her famous, homemade pasta while writing state lawmakers to support making gender equality part of the Constitution.

And at a fundraiser for Run For Something (co-hosted by WC member Courtney Plummer), we heard from Governor Howard Dean and Amanda Litman about the need to reclaim our democracy from the school board on up.

Behind the scenes, we’ve also been busy planning for the year ahead while taking the reins from Lan and Kate — our outgoing chairs who leave big shoes to fill, but also broad shoulders to stand on.

In the next month, we will be meeting with our newly elected leadership committee to set our vision for the year ahead and define a structure and strategy for making it happen. In the meantime, we invite all of you to join us at our Galentine’s Day Social on February 20th. You can also brush up your self-defense skills with us at a special workshop on February 24th.

In closing, we thank all of you for bringing your own fire to the WC — whether it’s a passion for a specific issue, or just a burning desire to make a difference. You light our fires every day, and together, we are committed to fanning the flames of yours.

Meghan & Steph

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