Chair’s Corner: Socially distanced, but still engaged

Well, it looks like we won’t see each other in person for a while due to Covid-19. Fortunately, the Women’s Caucus has lots of experience overcoming physical distance. Just as we won’t let an ocean stand in our way of being active in US politics, we also won’t let social distancing interfere with our commitments to activism, education and the community we all cherish.

This month, our comms team has put together some social and political actions you can easily take from home. If it’s inspiration, motivation or food for thought you seek, be sure to check out our Women’s Caucus Reads — and let us know what you’re reading, watching and listening to during those long hours at home!

We’re looking forward to sharing more ways to stay active and engaged from afar, but in the meantime, we know these are stressful times and it’s more important than ever to maintain our social bonds, even if it’s from a healthy physical distance.

To this end, we invite all our members to join us on Slack, the virtual “water cooler” of the Women’s Caucus. There we have also set up a new channel called #copingwithcovid, where we invite all members to share, vent, laugh, stay connected and seek help and support during these trying times. We’re also planning on some virtual hangouts in the near future, so stay tuned!

In closing, we send our best wishes for strength, solidarity, hope and good health in the challenging period ahead. If we stick together, we are confident that distance need not mean disengagement, and isolation can give way to activation.

Best wishes,

Meghan Feeks & Steph Ryde
Co-Chairs, DAUK Women’s Caucus

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