Chair’s Corner July 2020

In less than 120 days America goes to the polls. In less than 120 days the nation has a choice between our current reality and a brighter future. That is almost the same amount of time that we’ve been in lockdown.

The same amount of time that we’ve spent reflecting on our definition of community, re-evaluating what we know about race and repositioning so that we can come out of lockdown a stronger version of ourselves.

Last night, we had a Women’s Caucus leadership meeting where we discussed what we will focus on over the next few months. And we are determined to do our part to elect as many Democrats as possible. Not just to the White House, Senate and Congress, but also to down-ballot positions that, as we’ve seen recently through governors’ pandemic responses and local police departments’ handling of racial violence, can make a life-or-death difference for millions of Americans.

We are also committed this year, as we were in 2018, to supporting women Democratic candidates who are running in key races. To this end, we’ll be teaming up with the Global Women’s Caucus “Women to Win” campaign to create visibility for these candidates and driver voter turnout in their races.

Finally, we will continue to use our platform to shed light and inspire action on a range of issues that are important to our members, including reproductive rights, gender equality, racial justice and the ongoing crisis at our southern border. Though these issues fade in and out of headlines in today’s lightning-fast news cycle, they remain important and urgent, and it’s critical that we keep sight of them so we can build a better future for all Americans when we retake the White House in 2021.

To our dear members, thanks for all you do to give us and all Americans something to believe in. Now let’s keep doing to work so that come November, we have something to celebrate!

— Steph Ryde & Meghan Feeks
Co-Chairs, DAUK Women’s Caucus

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